Saturday, 11 December 2010

THIS is WORK - sculpture life modeling - black wax its not a EASY job

Posing for  sculpture -  back wax medium.

Some of my favorite pieces - some photos below
while alone with the statues, observing my movement, the gesture of my body and also very intriguing to be able in each statue to trace back the artist finger builds up movements -  the movement choices of the artist -  the finger pressing, allocating another piece of wax shaving - creating, adding, sculpting the pose, the movement, the gesture.

So incredible, one can see two very distinct forms of movement in the final pieces : the model;s and the artists different movement, fused in one final piece -  so in a way, it could be seen as a collaboration - pas vrai (?)

( full story @Mindthepieces )

My pose on Alines statue - my favorite piece

A interesting view -  looking at the relationship
the neck, head and arms formed with this pose

the same pose -  the same body -  interpreted differently by 3 artist -  different positioning
Found interesting the choreographic potential of combining them together

extremely poetic view
shot taken from the upper cupboard
the exposed wired from the unfinished arms
add a lot of poetic suggestion to the shot

really good view expressing the beauty of the relantionship
created in the pose between the neck -  shoulder and arms

a unknown self view

THIS is WORK - Sculpture life modeling

Posing for one of the  sculpture sessions - photos kindly taken by tutor and sculptor extraordinaire Hywel Pratley -  pls dont be fooled by the modesty and kindness of this man - behind the mask there is a genial artistic sensitivity in action. Thank you for these.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

THIS is FILM - all you need is FRIENDS - M. Birthday

Selected fav. shots for M. birthday

before -  mr Henry and Diana R.

Brown cake, pink knife

Germania lounge couch

First morning view -  waking up 

Second morning view - mr. Monkey

Morning note

mid 20's 3 am diet

shelf peep view

German wrestler vs Toy Story

Friday, 3 December 2010


The last photo of NY - @ JFK last meal at 9.00 pm before boarding back to London.

One last fortune cookie - and so GOOD NEWS really did came after,

Thursday, 2 December 2010

THIS is MOVEMENT - Movement diary from NY

Some video diaries of movement - looking, discovering, analyzing while doing workshop in NY.

Movement sketch are a series of self recorded extracts of improvisations where the goal is to create, record, identify, analyze and develop self natural movement.

Core question of this project are:
what kind of natural movement does my body produces ?
what are the improvisational movement choices made by my body ?
what qualities does it express ?


PERSONAL NOTE: Butoh or collapsed pirouette - combining two very personal my own experiences - ballet ( past) + injury = seeing the new = translating to butoh collapsing references = creates a new movement. I like the result of the movement visually but also conceptually, associating a collapsing end to a classic figure like pirouette - also I think is very relevant these days to dance - were exciting - all tabus are being broken - and so the fall ( which in the past and especially in classic ballet is not acceptable in the performance ) is now the key point to add freshness to a old movement figure- the pirouette.

MOVEMENT SKETCH - 2 - Soft and furious

PERSONAL NOTE: the feeling here was on the focus of the sensation of my body and the movement
it naturally wants to generate: soft - in slow or faster speed, gentle or aggressive movement -  there seems to be a constant quality strongly felt in the body - the body is soft, my body is soft.

Slowly, expressing softness and chaos ( disorientation, unbalance, collapsing and especially trying to explore and prolong the physical time before collapsing -  feels exciting this little new time to explore -  and I find later interesting movement here ) -  in some moments appears a quality of elasticity in the body - a soft but chaotic elasticity -  especially as momentum build up for pre- collapse movement.

Chaotic, elastic softness builded up naturally in this improvisation -  to a peak moment of furious repetitive collapsing/standing movement figure -  I liked it visually and as a closing moment of finding a  relevant end to this little movement search / journey.

MOVEMENT SKETCH - 4  -  Whispering movement ( Whisper 3 )

The body whispers movement -  whispering movement, telling secrets.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

THIS is FILM - YUKIO SUZUKI last day workshop @ CAVE NY

The last day of Yukio Suzuki's workshop at the CAVE NY -  the last NY rolls
Here a selection of my favorite photos.

( full story at mind(the)pieces )

First peep

direction -  one hand points

blue hair smile

scream your heart out

scream your heart out -2

2 profiles 

blurred vision

Myu solo

main audience

last minute audience

pls dont bore me

its a CAVE- cat's life

stare and notebook

Size difference works
( this photo taken by Yukio Suzuki -  I like it very much -  thank you)

with glasses pls

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

THIS is FILM -It takes a little blood ( NY Butoh workshop )

It takes a little blood ( NY Butoh workshop )
(full story@mindthepieces)

It takes a little blood

The skin closes 

THIS is FILM - 9 shots for JASMIN (tres prive) performance

The NY roll number 11, my favorite shot selection
(Full story @ mindthepieces)
Performer: Jasmin Perrow

Monday, 22 November 2010

This is FILM - Eleven's NY - GOODYOGA second home

Roll number 11 from NY - enterly shot at GOODYOGA - my second home in Brooklyn.

Raymond and Flannery, thank you for giving birth to GOODYOGA :)

Here are my fav. shots ( full story @ mindthepieces)

five dollar chef

communal kitchen

GoodLight -  GoodNight



VERY GoodMusic

The (Guest) Nest

Bowie's stare

(on the way to the terrace roof)

GoodEndofDay -  sunset 4 eyes

GoodMorming - Mezzanine view

(Raymond's stretch)




GoodPeepView ( Amy and Flannery talk)

Flannery Sneakers

Good light - 2

GoodCats Underexposed