Wednesday, 29 June 2011

THIS is LIFE MODELLING - trio pose sculpture ( stories of body - own and triplicated )

The latest life modeling work for Hywel sculpture class -  a trio pose small scale statues in which I posed for -  3x sustained poses -  3h per session over 7 weeks -  giving the end result to these lovely small scale black wax statues set.

Really interesting to see the gesture of my own body outside my body, and to choreograph new form compositions with the 3 poses  - so many possibilities, so many meanings - I spent hours alone in the room, playing with the 3 mini me, observing, exploring views and angles and meanings, like playing in a stage.

In the end of the sequence, a little playing around with a improvised filter -  my hand -  liked the adjacent meaning in creating another story, a veil alike imagery added to the figures, not decisively covering, oculting, following or haunting the figures. Again, maybe perhaps a reflex of own psyche -  a soft, feminine, virginal haunting veil over the figure, which subtly takes, chases, haunt.

the other story