Tuesday, 12 October 2010

THIS is FILM - Thursday and partially Friday

1 day = 24 hours
from which only aprox. 15 hours we are awake
we travel trough the day, invisibly, without noticing it
the day passes by
with all that it contained: people, emotions, objects, activators, work, pleasure, memory, reflection

the days are so rich
if only we could detailed record all , every second, every image, every color, every emotion

the day passes by
travels from present to past
and so we wait
for the future

the other day

first morning tea before morning life modeling job 1
green cup saying "life sucks"
the photo caught the waiter attention to my camera - nice camera you have, he said.

first atelier image - the dogs toy lying on the floor

second atelier image - the dog itself sleeps at the door
( she and I became good friends after this session)

she sleeps so deeply I can come even closer
what a beautiful being

she comes to me

I undress
Bennie hat + kimono + Daisy pillow

she looks at me naked
she sees me

she poses for my camera

she gets tired and sits on my posing mattress
V. had to pull her out so I could continue the pose

I look at her from the pose

life modeling job 2
sculpture class as Masbro center
the piece of clay from where my body will originate

Noel choosing the quality of clay for her sculpture

the eyes found a face at the sculpture tripod
while posing

back view
a long cut on the spine
like a destined path to follow
the body helds deep memory

dog laying relaxed on the floor of the packed rush hour tube
the tube is full, people are anxious, tired, nervous, irritated
the dog enters calmly, oblivious to the stress and lays down peacefully over the floor,
over the peoples feet ^^ - lays his head over the stranger sitting in front of him,
asks for a caress on his head ^^
unaware of the problem of lack of space
everyone smiles, and everyone forgets about how uncomfortable it is to travel
on tube rush hour
I love Dogs - they are pure love beings
( on the way to Old Street)

after TangoinHackney
at M. place pre-smoke lullaby youtube watch
preparing to Brooklyn - some downtown humor

bedtime 3 -  end of Thursday

Partially Friday
everyone sleeps
M. sleeps

Pia sleeps
a finger points

I hide before shower - self portrait

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

THIS is FILM - 3 portraits

please dont take my picture
7.00 am 
make up
3 portraits

THIS is FILM - life modeling at sculpture class

Sculpture class at Masbro Center
a short story below

Sunday, 3 October 2010

THIS is FILM - 3 seconds before dance class @THE PLACE

Sitting on the stairs, just a few seconds before coming in to the studio- the peeping view from the black shadow of the stairs in front of my eyes - I could peep two private moments of dancers stretching and relaxing.

Outside, another scene - 2x boys look at one blonde girl.
And them the teacher came and asked me If was going to join the class or not . 

inside: the boy stretching

inside 1: 2 watch

outside: two boys look at one blonde girl

THIS is FILM - Sayaka + Tomohiro @London Fashion week

A short story on Sayaka + Tomohiro headpiece showcase @London Fashion week
( check theyre work at: http://www.syk-jp.com + www.tomihirokono.com + www.neonoclockworks.net )

As I post these, I strongly notice and feel the silence in these photos - in all photos, in all my photos - there is a strong, fascinating silence quality remaining, shouting in them- maybe that is what is so capturing in photography to start with - that mysterious, evocative relation between time, memories and silence- a recording wheel, forever spinning in absolute silence - speaking and voiding.

The silence says nothing and says all at the same time.
It travels, juxtaposes, lays gently at one single layer - what in human time is impossible: the present becomes past, as soon as I click the shutter - it brings a so much desired physicality to time and a reassuring but false sense of control over it ( memories, experience, time and ultimately life - it brings the false hope of immortality - the utmost utopian human aspiration - and perhaps the most relevant fueler of art and expression).

As I look trough these, I feel silence
and I realize how fascinating, capturing it is.
The silence slowly brings me back
to the individual, one time experience my eye took at that time, at that place
and I reflect, once again, not without much surprise
where did my eyes went on this experience,
what can that possibly say about me and that moment ?