Tuesday, 25 May 2010

PORTRAIT SERIES - on TRUTH and VULNERABILITY and its different qualities

Photography Sayaka Murayama (c) - all rights reserved
Performer/ visual artist Angela Costa (c)-  all rights reserved

The angular, intense, perforating image of the truth who brings pain 
the finger, gentle , sincere, softly pointing upwards.

a definite breath - a brave step inside Vulnerability - masks fall - the naked vulnerable body - the TRUTH makes an appearance , gracefully.

(from personal portrait and truth series - photographed by Sayaka Murayama)

on TRUTH and two of its different qualities,
the angular, intense, perforating image of the truth who brings pain
the beautiful, soft, reassuring lightness image of the truth who brings joy
both altough,
offering fulfillment, clarity and realization
and that is always the best place to be in life - regardless of any fears, desires or disillusions.
A breath of courage
masks off
the naked vulnerability of body - the TRUTH
A life of sharp, painful heroic TRUTH preferred
to a moment of pleasurable ignorant obscurity.
And the journey continues,
trough light, mist or darkness
towards TRUTH ...

Sunday, 23 May 2010

FILM DIARIES - La Maison - beloved objects and spaces

Me and my mother, favorite photo. Strange I think I look like her now.
I like dust, it keeps memory.

The bedroom wall -  improvised drawing walls, where I currently draw and write impulsive thoughts/ideas. Some people are disturbed by black. I like black. Its not good or bad -  it is just a color, with its own quality. For me it is silence, it offers quietness. In black I can hear myself and express fully.

The smiling rice paper head. Always smiling back at you.

Auto -portrait drawing + studies. Improvised studio space at the back of the wall door.

(all shot with 1970s Manual Canon Camera)

FILM DIARIES - the first black and white film roll

A beautiful mistake

Disreality passing by - CAUGHT on CAMERA

THREE go for a ride


Two tiny eyes staring BACK at me


Plug - in - steps

The first black and white film shots -  images on a quick pass by fair ground on a warm, slightly mist, magical overcast day.

All color eliminated, the black and white film reveals a disturbing, dormant quietness qualities in the scenes. Passing over color -  this is what I have found that day.

Not surprisingly, more life synchronicities found too.

(all shot on B/W film - 1970s Manual Canon)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

FILM DIARIES - The studio, the room, the mirror and the foot injury

The second foot sprain of the year -  photographed at the REAL EXACT moment when it happened during class.
The naked foot is vulnerability and hope, the dressed foot is perseverance and the damaged film shot is the injury.

3 private spaces captured at once: the studio, the bedroom and the mirror.

(all shot on film - 1970s Manual Canon)

FILM DIARIES - refuse (refused (?)) landscapes

The light dissolves (2 conflicting textures)

Mind (the) Pieces (multi segmentation and patterns)
(floor abandoned refuse @ ST. Martins Charing Cross)

(all shot on film - 1970s Manual Canon)

FILM DIARIES - a perfect day

Tiger shoe lace feet (before)
(all shot on film - 1970s Manual Canon)

Friday, 14 May 2010

A CD for YOU

My latest pleasure to create fine design CD covers for my beloved ones ...
Something unique and reflecting theyre beautiful spirits,
I have been doing this for a while, but only know after being smudged by complimentary thank you's , I had the BRILLIANT idea to shoot some of them and add them to my CREATIVE portfolio.

I love to do it, but not randomly.

I like to keep the truth of the intention and I really only do these for people who have touched me somehow with either theyre friendship, theyre love or theyre talent.

Ultimately these are a  THANK YOU to a couple of special people for being beautiful (souls), inspiring (spirits) and for in some way  entering my life.

Here are the latest one  (hopefully more to come on due time)