Saturday, 25 September 2010

SYNCHRONICITIES - cover, colour black.

cover -  color black
(self - reflection)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

THIS IS WORK - V.G. life modeling work

Here a selection of some of my V.G. favorites drawings and oils from the sessions I am posing as a life model for the upcoming exhibition.

I love our sessions, to see the development of V. work and oils and the creative freedom I am giving each time to create and perform my own poses/ movement.

The warm up - drawing

(the sketch warm up - quick poses)
exploring weight and collapsing poses

exploring weight change and unusual support points on poses

exploring emotion and vulnerability 

 exploring support

butoh pose

ballet and butoh pose fusion

butoh pose

the beauty of the butoh feet (stool support)

butoh collapsing poses (stool support)
the beauty and expression of feet and hand composition

Butoh pose
exploring expression relation between face and hands

The  canvas oil

THIS IS FILM - (Life Modelling) V.G. abandoned pub atelier

My favorite set of shots taken at V.G. new atelier -  a amazing abandoned English pub turned into a a communal artists space.
( Full story @ mindthepieces )

Monday, 6 September 2010

THIS IS FILM - Self portraits

I have this belief ( silly or not), that if I keep on recording self images I will find a place I need to go.

( a self moment at one of V.  atelier sessions )

This IS FILM - Life Modeling@ Islington Art Factory

Islington Art Factory -  3 selected shots

(full story@ mindthepieces)
All shot with my very manual,  1960 Olympus  (Film 400)

( impro. visual abstract)

( arch over poster)

inspiring landscape (performance)

Friday, 3 September 2010

THIS IS FILM - Synchronicity - 1

Synchronicity -  a new theme of work - I recently distinguished in my shot choices.
Reflection and analyzing  on what are my eyes choices: what I choose to shot, to put on film and why I choose not to shot, not to record.

Oblivion, abandonment, poetic violence -  usually translated into lonely objects -  where I see synchronize stories of silence, personal silence sometimes.

Syncronicity, may well be what keeps me shooting, everyday.
I look forward to discover more as I go along.


I was not expecting chain eyes closed, staring back at me
I was not expecting number 2
I was not expecting the broken glasses on the floor
I was not expecting this memory

Thursday, 2 September 2010

THIS IS FILM - Life Modeling at TOUDEJOUS gallery

Selected shots from a work session of life drawing at Toudejous gallery.
(Full story at mindthepieces)