Saturday, 24 July 2010


A days work on portrait life modeling @St. Martins.

I dont know why, but Roger always has the nicest, talented people in his courses - talent comes with generosity -  proof below- its always such a pleasure to work on this courses - it really is (!)

Portrait, perception and personality, such a amazing and private subject.

Thank you so much to all the students who allowed these. I know some of you are waiting for the full day story (many, many photos) -apologies for the delay - for full day story pls see my diary blog mind(the)pieces  ( to be posted soon, promise ^^)


A short story on a day of work @St. Martins, 7 selected moments that caught my eye and made my thoughts speak (visually)

Here it is.
curiosity penetrates

I wonder the story of this moment,
how did it get there (?)
so alone in the window glass

pls let me straighten that for you...
no please, I like it  like that,
 falling  ...

wire composition again, on the way out
converging, diverging - like life, like people
like people, parallel lines - the most close you can get so someone is a infinite parallel line
never a merging line
the best you can hope for in a relationship is to walk in the same direction,
a shared direction

3 and balance
contrary to logic and common knowledge
when I looked at this window trio
I thought,
maybe balance can exist
within the number 3

I am obsessed with numbers lately,
or numbers are obsessed with me
lately, my eye does not stop to be draw to them.

the metal monster wheel -  in there I felt one could find death - I was not wrong ...

(urban terror landscapes in daylight)

(I was not wrong ...)
just above, the dead pigeon
It made me think how actually fascinating death of a living body is ...
the last change, of so many the living body goes trough life
blood dries, muscles become stone, flesh disappears
and the quality of the dead organic body
remain a envelope, a shape
empty, a shell
a shape of memory perhaps
a false illusion of a body
who does not exist anymore
like this bird

THIS IS (not) FILM - 7 moments who caught my eye today @St. Martins

Here is the story:

Orange left at one of the studios corridors

velcro cue at the window


Feet in between

and when I close the toilet door -  there it is - a BIG 7, staring back at me
lots of 7s lately
(?) (!) (*******)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

THIS IS FILM - Brick Lane Free Range ART SHOW

Just 4 words: GO and SEE it .

The only thing I can say is that this place was a total film monster eater (finished 2x films in the first 20 minutes) -  so, difficulty here are some selected shots (full story@ Mind - the - pieces).

Saturday, 17 July 2010

THIS IS FILM - Making Space (Florence Peake workshop)

I really regret not having booking my place on this one on time. Florence Peake is a a visual/performer artist based in London - her work is always surprising, beautiful, exciting and a real punch of energy on the face.

As always I look forward to more.
Here some selected shots of the remains of the workshop.

Friday, 16 July 2010

THIS IS FILM - 7 Architects, 7 Spaces (V&A London)

A HOUSE,  a HOME, a SHELTER: what is that we really need to feel at home (?) what do we need from a inner space to feel at home physically, intellectually and emotionally (?) This are surely the questions ARCHITECTURE must start to ask asap.

Some selected shots for what caught most my eye @ this ex.