Saturday, 13 February 2010

THE LADY VANISHES - beauty shot London ( December 2009)

Photography: Sayaka ( London)
Styling + Fashion Design: me
Hair+Make up: Megumi Kasa ( London/Tokyo)

This was an almost zero budget shoot I have made December 09 for my hairdresser friend Meg.

She is the sweetest thing ever and asked me if I would do the styling for a beauty/hair shoot for her portfolio.
No one can say no to Meg :) - and even in the worst, hectic circumstances possible I managed to pull this one out (super stressing personal month for me with everything happening at once: ex.: left my job, running after lawyers, negotiating settlements, chasing references letters, mom sick and having a middle life crisis, Mike leaving to SA...)

The day of the shoot was pretty hectic too - not unusual. We were set to start at 9.00 am at my place - zero budget shoot meant shooting at my one bed tiny 50 msq flat, were we had during the day 7 people working on set - biitt maddddd! - There was zero ground floor space available :)! - But because that same day I had a settlement meeting I could really not get out off, I was only able to come in at 12.00.
Lastly, on that same morning Mike was leaving for SA, so it was good fun to see him trying to find his stuff to pack, underneath, cables, hairs extensions, fabric and clothes.

But we all survived, the model who was not sure if she could make it MADE it :), Mike did not missed his flight and we started to crack on by 12.00.
I barely only had time for the day of the shoot to get all the musts for the shoot- which meant I had no other choice than do the clothes o set.  I would have much rather preferred to work as I usually do which is drape all the ideas and new pieces before the shooting, but in this case it was simply not possible.

I was dangerously blinking red zone, because the previous meeting with the lawyer just had put me blankly in the mood to kill someone (lawyers, bankers and all those other species...), and having to fight for a tiny working space at my place did not help either - lets say I was not my happy self...

But as we started, and after the strange odd first pics, where u have to learn to say to a stranger, listen, I really think this is not working and you should just let me get on and do my thing, believe me it will work:)! -  Things started to flow amidst creative chaos, and it was beautiful and enjoyable (note: one must be able although to numb the stress).

I was happy with the end result. A lot of credit must be give to Sayaka the photographer, she is simply bliss talented - you know those kind of people that just need to show up and you know something good will happen. Being Japanese, she was not surprisingly zenish and that really helped on the day, especially with my fiery Hispanic mood that day. Thanks!
 I still cannot believe what she managed to capture with only a lam shape and a reflector as props. The photos are full of mood and drama - I love them.

We stopped around 18.00 pm, browsed the pics on my MAC, open a bottle of wine, hate the rest of the cheese Doritos, talked about numerology, fate and Cocorosie- just my kind of thing:)!

This month I looked at these again - the focus to be the lace covered face portrait - and an all Hitchcok mood, beauty sort of thing came to me as a binding history for these.

These are not fashion, editorial shoots, and they were never intended too, which makes me particularly satisfied. I have been at odds for some time now with the all fashion, trendy scene - is just not good enough, and I have always craved more than that. A sense of creativity, individuality, beauty and mainly a sense of positiveness. I think we have successfully touched these by having key inspirational ideas like spirituality, light, ethereal, simplicity, recycling (vintage). On the mood side I really love the ambiguity as there is at the same time both Drama and Serenity, I have decided to work along Sayaka strength signature which is a kind of dramatic/dark romanticism - in the shoot I have linked that with the lace appearance and the all vintage look of styling.

Apologies to the photographer if u ever tumble by the site and see these posted, I know we have agreed to have them retouched first - but I think I have tried to contact since December 09 unsuccessfully, with mails bounced back (I think I got your email wrong). If u ever read this, drop me a line please, I would like to work with you again :) - your work is of breathtaking beauty as so are these (so I see really no wrong is posting them - I hope :)!

Finally a BIG thank you to all involved directly and indirectly on the making of these and to Meg - for being so sweet, so pretty, talented and a peacemaker-  Sayaka -  for doing this project and for  being so talented / professional, the models- for showing up lol! - Megs assis. (Don’t remember her name, sorry): for vacuuming 30.000 pieces of glitter, for the chocolate and the heather, to Mike  - for packing quickly and getting out of the way :)!,


I was so inspired by the movie, the chaos, the energy, the playfulness, the  roughness and the beauty ...I just had to do something with it ...
Nothing is pretty or gentle in the shoot, the cardboard mask kinda off takes it to a creepy/wild level, and still it points to childlike playfulness.
I abs love that the girl is not a standard white model, she was vietnamese and had a really rough, strong, exotic beauty to her.
The vintagy, recycling theme still going on here - with the lace and fur combined and a wonderful pick up child play dress I spotted the day before the shoot at Beyound Retro.

I have to be fair to this dress and give it 3 lines of its own: ok so this is a proper late 20s/30s PLAY dress, which me means it was a attite in which some pre-adoloscence (most probably wealthy) girl would   during play hours ( just this mere toughtis enough to bring me to 1000 further scenarios). The fabric is a stone/kaki  very beautiful organic linen, with nothing more or less than its own original hand printed toy print. Buttons up on S.B. woith 6 dainty mini silver metal army toy look alike buttons. It just screamed to me: vintage, fresh, new, organic and how great the concept of the piece itself: a playing dress!

Predictably,  I immediately felt for this piece like a sucker, did not look at the tag price and just went straight to pay for it -  assuring this was the best buy ever for the shoot, with the ENORMOUS plus I get to keep this piece for myself.

Irony, on the day of the shoot,  I was alone on my excitment - but I am happy I got it got this shoot :)@

ITS MY PARTY AND I CRY IF I WANT TO ... beauty shot ( December 09)

N.80 RIVE GAUCHE - Paris shoot (September 2009)

Photo: Hiro (Paris)
Styling + Concept: me
Hair: Beatrice

AT THE PHOTOGRAPHERS FLAT - Paris shoot (September 2009)

Photography: Hiro Soda. (Paris)
        Styling: me
        Hair: Beatrice
        Model: ( FORD Paris)
And this was the shoot we ended up rescheduling and doing after I recovered from my FLU.
Slightly different from the work earlier planned, but thats the point, and what is exciting for me personally is that i have always no idea of what I will be wanting to do the next day -  one just has to do stuff everyday to find out ... find mind choices fascinating, and why do we chose something at a particular time!

First time working with Hiro, normally, there were little clashes, my vision and his, but we got to some good images, which are probably a blend of the two above -  all what collaboration is all about, so from that point of view I found the new experience rewarding...

We shoot at his flat / studio (?) ... man, speaking of small space leaving, it was basically a very charming room, with a toillet attached in the COUER of Bastille. 

Being is Paris is always a pleasure, so between shot, I managed to do some of my fav.: browsing Collete music, buying some decent bras ( thank God for Chantal Thomass), peeping at the Tokyo Palais,  and last but not least Tango :)

Everyone adressed me in French, to which I had to sad reply: je suis desolee, je ne parle pas Francais ;)

You can not LOVE Paris, juts not possible, including its pretentious ...

HOME MADE - Paris shoot prep. ( 2009)

Some of the pieces I was feeling and made for the shoot.
1) 90s cut out shirt 
2) Liberty shredded table shoulder T

The many, many, many, may ... hand cut shreds of the Liberty print shredded T...
Deeply therapeutical ...

Alphabeth street  90s shirt leads to:  90s  bw graphics, ballet,  campagne girl, back to the future ECO platforms
These were all made for a shoot I had scheduled in Paris with a new photographer I was collaborating at the time. Luck or not, I managed to stay a week recluse at home, because I came down with the flue ast the time as the UK SWINE FLU hysteria ( I was banned from work and from my local NHS center too, predictably if your are really sick, the last place you probably want to go is to a NHS health center).

The BIG plus of all this, was that I got to take 2 weeks out of work ( a miracle! at the time, because my concerned boss, feared sincerly by his and his beloved children life on my presence ) and got plenty of ME  time :) to play around with these. 

There were altough unexpected events two days before I travel to Paris to shoot these: I got dead worst, from my cold and not wanting to risk being busted in Paris in quarentine, to our great despair we had to cancel this shoot and to resechedule.

It was a pity I didn't get to shoot these ,photographer was not a happy bunny  too, but well thats life!
And Swine flue or not I lived to tell the story ...

Monday, 8 February 2010

2008 - Madame Comtesse + Enfant de Paris

2007 - Enfant de Paris

Fashion Design: Enfant de Paris
Photography: Jens Ihnkens 
Fashion Concept + styling:me
Hair: Olly from Liebesdienste

These are all from a friend of mine independent label: Enfant de paris.
We met at the time and collaborated together while I was living in Frankfurt/Germany -  they were def. the highlight of the city, which aside is pretty, pretty, p-r-e-t-t-y  boring!
I have worked with them assisting the collection and have done fashion concept +  styling for the lookbooks shoots + production ( casting, sourcing etc).
Marlon Rueberg, one of the designers/creative directors has moved to London too, to do a fashion course  and he does serious cool video work with his creative partner Konstantinous :  check them out,  they're worth it.

The creative trio was mind-blowing: at the time Marlon was like 9 yeard old  ( he was the child) - lol, Olly ( someone who you will NEVER forget for all the right reasons -  was purely creative gone Wild!) and Jens ( the photographer and the sensible one) and course I could not forget Karrabas ( Marlons Zen dog -  she liked to pose in front of set when we were ready to get the shoot).

Some of the best,crazy and funny memories I have from Frankfurt are due to these guys - it was a blast working with them!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Angela Yee + Camouflage : Fashion Design and Press (2004/05)

I have a bit a case of mixed, dual identity. Some will only know me as Angela Costa, while others will only recognize me for Angela Yee : cutting the story short both are me, and is only I personally find a lifetime a too long time to go trough with one name only -  its kinda of boring.

These are pieces and bits from my independent collection I produced while I was living in Prague.
Conditions were good at the time: small market, easier to break trough, affordable seamstress and keen shops for novelty design products.  And I got some pretty good press too -  yeah!

Will upload images of this as soon as I can find my portfolio. Apologies.