Sunday, 27 June 2010

THIS IS FILM - Basic working conditions - BW very short stories

sketch speech

excellent DAY light



Everyone should have BASIC working conditions.
Meeting the director M. 
lunch, wine, home, music, ideas, sketchbook, U-Tube channels, philosophy (and of course some cheese)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Domestic landscapes - momentum compositional photography

Domestic landscapes: visual study after accidental laundry color release
Compositional photography:  water, red socks, soap, paper, plastic, hair, eye + photography.

wet landscape 
(laundry, water, soap and 2x photography shot)

characters and space - first trilogy - memorie
(laundry, water and soap, hair, and paper )

fear and paralysis - taking
(laundry, water and soap, paper, hair and 1x photography shot)

ghost - memory - lost
(water and soap, paper, and hair)

fragile - female - gain
(water and soap, paper and plastic )

                                                                       dead -  male - lost
                                                                     (wet paper and hair )

                                                                3 and more -  a crowd - lost
                                                                (wet paper, hair and plastic )

virginity, kiss and archetype - lost
(water, soap, paper and hair)

Friday, 25 June 2010

MRI - sound invading, paralysis portrait

I found my first MRI scan a intense and deeply inspiring experience - while constricted inside a too narrow place and feeling totally vulnerable to the aggression of inflicted noise. Forced to introspection and to wonder about the fragility of the human role in its how life -  fate, individuality, void of choice and what comes from the outside to inside of our life whiteout our control.

. portrait triology: quiet disarmony -  paralysis portrait
MRI scan images + reflective holocid paper, wood, textured paper and photography.

. listen -  only -  one -  allowed -  is (?)
MRI scan shoot selection 

.time to listen - trilogy
MRI scan shoots compositional selection

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Live modeling and performance-exploring silent movement

Photography Sayaka Murayama (c) 2010 -  all rights reserved
Live model/ performer Angela Costa (c) 2010 -  all rights reserved
Text from "A  Lovers Discourse Fragments by Roland Barthes)
All rights reserved (c) - Image copy, post, diffusion or exhibiting is entirely prohibited.

Live modeling has deeply inspired and directed me into the engaging language of  silent movement.
In this space, I find focus, I choose pause and I take the body as a new, unexplored landscape  into a microscopic lens, where I find macro in micro -  and a new discovered beauty of silent movement:  the muscle shacking, the vein beating, the tissue stretching, the skin breathing.

Here some photos of an old shoot, where pause was chosen and a slow discovery of the body, silence and classic movement.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Quality of movement - Butoh and flamenco - impro.

Between rehearsal, a little impro. exploring the merging of arm, hands and fingers movement between flamenco and butoh.

The lines felt very expressive, natural and strong and I wonder if it possible to acquire a certain type of quality of movement naturally, by your place of birth and culture.  Maybe it is.

Short stories - London Fields on a Bistrotheque Bed + some Humous

a rare appearance

black, flour and ink

Ultima, butoh solo impro. - the remains (as the tape got stolen)

Ultima -  butoh solo impro. ( participation on the piece Forces of Life/the Sneeze)
A bit of bad news, the tape of the rest of the performance got stolen from my friend, during the process of editing...  
... oh well, s* happens, and thats OK too.

The good news are that I have discovered this character, and I will probably visit it again for more work

Monday, 7 June 2010

Toulouse BW - last day stories

This are my two BW roles from Toulouse -  a little ironic because Toulouse is known as the PINK city, but my eye chose BW to record it permanently in my mind. And what Angela decides, Angela pursues - so here it is: for me TOULOUSE will be the BW city.

It is simply amazing the way your eyes unconsciously take us to certain objects,
how our steps direct us in certain directions,
how our minds give particular meaning to certain objects: as if they were empty containers waiting for us to reach them and fill them with our significances.

This is when photography becomes interesting, as I see it
when it becomes human, personal, secretiveness and symbolic for certain states of mind.

And how synchronized the eye is with fate and the mind - the balance of trinity -  it finds the right object at the right time to express what the artist wants to say.

It is truly amazing how our choices when photographing reveal us inside out -  even without us being aware of that.

On a last note I dedicate this story to FEAR and hopefully to show that while we lock ourselves away in FEAR - expecting the worse - meanwhile life is happening outside and  so are beautiful/exciting things.

FEAR, to you I want to say: look at the wonderful things I saw while your were fearing.

Here is the personal story of the last day.

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

2 hours looking for Rue Ferdinand Lassalle

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

I wonder
Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

a high seat -  watching life

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

nside the artist atelier - s.o.s. (O) star light

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

Inside the artist atelier - the man and the dog

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

Inside the artist atelier - nude

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

memory and oblivion - warehouse

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

a strange balcony view - inside the artist atelier

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

forgotten draw warehouse

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

many feet
Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

static - rules

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

menage a mots

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse


Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

the firefly angel

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

the tired machine

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

an attack from above

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

a sick heart - people digitized

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

surrender Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

a old and very well staged goodbye

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

everything is not what it seems

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse

we make porn

Mix Art Myris collective Toulouse


Capitol BW


Capitol BW


St. Marie Toulouse

deep cracks

Capitol BW

the flower that made a home in stone

St. Marie Toulouse

the dead bird

St. Marie Toulouse

2 cats fear

St. Marie Toulouse

the pretty petite balcony

St. Marie Toulouse

the man with the two dogs

Capitol BW