Monday, 30 July 2012


For a exception, real life has gone into the way and for the past two years i have lived more in the real life than in my mind, aka my expression work, amond so many other things I have reaccessed my personal signification and value of certain words like CREATIVE and ART, deciding to self entitle my work as EXPRESSIVE rather than CREATIVE,  I find it more truthful and I occur less risk and temptation in falling  into  a pitiful self-egocentric creative artistic label. I find it increasingly embarrassing, and my goal on my personal journey initiated 5 years ago, is to stay as faithful as possible to what TRUTH means to me in these days we live in: no career but also not refusing to work, no social making but also interacting genuinely with people, no financial success but also no economical irresponsibility. More than ever I find personal reassurance in denying  looking or gaining personal value  trough social, external or materialist ( being career ). So I continue trying to make my MAKING, my personal value and identify by solely existing as truthful as possible as MYSELF : Angela born Portuguese in 1975, currently living in London. Just being a human being, a individual.

For the better or the worst, and stripped down to the bare essentials, who am I?  Who I am  withouth my friends, my job, my clothes, my lifestyle?

How can I identify and explain myself to me and to others, to society without a social circle, a career or  a lifestyle?

What is my core as a individual human being? what are my strengths, my roles and my vulnerabilities? That is my passion, my PERSONAL TRUTH, this journey, this discovery.

It has been a turbulent, full of action , to fast period where I only had the option to react to events. In reactive rather than in choice mode.

The consequences emerge know, the conclusions, the reassessments. Part of being truly TRUTHFUL is the capability of going back to old issues and reassess them, testing your own truths, in humility  and in expectation to learn more, to go deeper just one more layer, closer, closer to the biggest mystery of all: TRUTH,  PERSONAL TRUTH.